Brondell Circle H2O+ RO Water Filtration System Review [2022]

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Most of the reverse osmosis systems available today are difficult to install, bulky, and need pumps and electricity to operate. Moreover, they are extremely inefficient, and many of them waste up to 24 gallons of water per gallon of drinkable water.  

Brondell Circle H20+ is an efficient and elegant reverse osmosis water filtration system that is ideal for a modern, sustainable home. It utilizes patented water-saving technology that makes it ten times more efficient as compared to traditional RO systems. 

Designed with patented Smart Valve and unique flexible reservoir, the Circle considerably reduces wastewater by eliminating back pressure which can be the biggest cause of waste in RO systems.

This water filtration system from Brondell comes in a compact and small design, making it very easy to install under a normal-sized kitchen counter. Its surprisingly small footprint means that there is plenty of space left under your counter.      

The convenient small design of this reverse osmosis system also ensures easy installation. It does not require electricity or pumps, making it a more economical and environmentally-friendly product. Moreover, all the lines are color-coded, so even if DIY projects are not your forte, you will be able to install the system pretty quickly and easily.  

The Circle is equipped with four different filters that help reduce chemicals, dissolved solids, heavy metals, sediment, microorganisms, chlorine, and tastes or odors. Moreover, these filters are easy to change and do not require any tools. 

Another innovative feature of this system is that it is designed with a chic, designer chrome faucet that gives this model a modern look. It is also fitted with an LED light that lights up to notify you when it is time for a filter change.  

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Brondell Circle RO Filter Key Features

brondell three-stage water filtration system

The following are some of the key features of the Brondell Circle RO filter:

Contemporary Design

The design of the Brondell H20+ is quite different from the various reverse osmosis filter systems available. All the components are enclosed in an attractive box that easily fits in a cupboard under most countertops. This not only reduces the number of exposed tubes under the sink but also looks very tidy. 

The six-liter tank is also fitted inside the unit, so even if you place the Circle in an open area, it would not look out of place. 

This filtration system has four filtering stages, with each stage performing a particular task aimed at providing you with clean drinking water. These stages include:

Stage 1 – The first stage is the sediment filtering stage, where particulate materials are eliminated. These materials include sand, rust, and other small particles. This step is especially helpful as it acts as a pre-filter and extends the lifespan of other filters. 

Stage 2 – The second stage is a pre-carbon plus filter that minimizes volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and other soluble contaminants that might damage the reverse osmosis membrane.  

Stage 3 – This stage contains the reverse osmosis membrane and works by forcing water through a partially permeable membrane. All contaminants are separated from the water here, including cysts, industrial chemicals and arsenic, heavy metals, and fluoride.  

Stage 4 – This stage comprises post carbon block filters that further reduce any remaining contaminants present in the water, such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds, thus enhancing the overall taste and odor of water. 

Ease of use

The Brondell Circle H20+ does not require any electricity to operate. It is a self-sustaining system that needs a filter change after every few months. Designed with features such as twist and lock filter changes and auto-flushing, this product is very easy to maintain. Moreover, you do not need any technical knowledge to operate and maintain this system. 

Water flavor

The Brondell Circle H20+ uses high-quality filters that are tested and proved to have no adverse health effects. These useful filters can efficiently eliminate substances like lead, chlorine, arsenic, heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, herbicides, bad odors, and other chemicals that can be harmful to a person’s health. 

In addition, these filters can purify even the foulest water source without wasting too much water in the process. 

Circular Reservoir And Smart Valve

This water filtration system is designed with a circular reservoir and an exceptional smart valve that is an integral part of its efficient and effective design. These outstanding features help the Reverse Osmosis membrane filter by minimizing the backpressure, making this product one of the best in Reverse Osmosis efficiency.  

Product Specifications

Filtration capacity

The Circle H20+ has an efficiency of 2.1:1 which means that an average of 2.1 gallons of wastewater is produced for every gallon of filtered water. Although this quantity of wastewater may seem quite large, it is actually very low as compared to other filtration systems.  

Some Reverse Osmosis filtration systems can produce almost 24 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of pure water. This shows that the Brondell Circle is equipped with a filtering efficiency that is 10x better than the conventional Reverse Osmosis systems available. Furthermore, it helps users save money in the long run. 

Flow Rate

Another impressive feat of this system is that it is able to process 57 gallons of filtered water every day while the tank capacity is only 1.6 gallons. In addition, the tank refills take less than an hour which is almost as fast as systems with electric pumps and twice as fast as non-electric systems. 

NSF Certification

This Brondell water filtration system has been tested against NSF Standards 42, 53, 58, and 372, thus backing up the manufacturer’s claims regarding reduced contaminant and guaranteed safe drinking water for the whole family.

Set Up

Installation Process

The Brondell Circle H20 Reverse Osmosis water filtration system has a very simple and easy installation process. It comes with a product manual with complete detailed instructions that clearly outline what needs to be done. You will also be able to save time and energy if you have a sink with a blanked hole, as you will not need to drill a hole for the faucet.    

Another thing that makes the installation of this filtration system easy is its simple design. It comes with only three connectors – the feed pipe, the primary outlet, and the waste outlet. The waste outlet is connected to an already existing wastewater outlet through a saddle, while the tubes can be easily connected to their corresponding positions by pushing them into their connectors.

Filter Cleaning Process

Another great feature of this system’s design is the easily changeable filters. You can open the front of the unit, turn the filter slightly, and pull it out to change it. These filters need to be replaced every six months; however, this duration can vary depending on the quality of water being fed into the system. It is also recommended to replace the RO membrane every two years.

The filter change indicator on the faucet is also a very convenient feature. The integrated LED light will turn red from blue when it is time to change the filters. Typically, this happens after six months or when 475 gallons of water have been dispensed. 

Maintenance and Care

Filter/Membrane Replacements

The Brondell Reverse Osmosis System is designed with quick-change twist and seal filters that make it very easy to maintain. When the filter change indicator flashes red instead of blue, you should change the filters and reset the indicator by replacing the battery. 

Here’s how you can easily replace the filters: 

  • Drain all the water from the tank. Make sure there is no pressure left inside the system 
  • Close the T-valve under the sink to prevent the water from flowing into the system 
  • Remove the front cover of the unit
  • Give the filters that need to be replaced a 90-degree turn and remove them 
  • Now insert the new filters, making sure that they are locked securely
  • Replace the front cover
  • Reopen the T-valve to turn on the water flow
  • Properly flush the system
  • Lastly, replace the battery and reset the timer

Pros and cons of the Brondell Circle RO Water Filter


  • It has a compact, sturdy design
  • An efficient filtration system that produces very little wastewater
  • LED indicator light makes it easy to keep a check on the filters
  • Auto membrane flushing capability helps to extend the system’s lifespan 
  • It has an impressive water output of 56 gallons per day
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Filter replacements may be a bit expensive
  • The absence of a compression bladder can result in slow water flow 
  • Designed with some really fragile components that are likely to break off

How is Brondell Circle RO Different from its competitors

The Brondell Circle is an easy-to-install, complete all-in-one system. It offers power savings, space savings, and water savings in a simplified, beautiful design. This efficient and high-quality product is perfect for people looking for an uninterrupted supply of clean and safe water with minimal wastage.  

Apart from its excellent performance, its compact design, glossy appearance, and healthy filters give Brondell an edge over its competitors. Moreover, it does not need any electricity to operate, which ensures easy maintenance. 

Where to buy Brondell Circle RO

If you think that the Brondell Circle H20+ RO water filtration system is the ideal option for you, you can get it here

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