Aquasana® Active Clean Water Machine Review (2022)

Aquasana Clean Water Machine

Clean and pure water is something that everyone needs. If you are looking for a pitcher filtration unit for your household, then the Aquasana Active Clean Water Machine is an impeccable option. 

Its superior four-stage Claryum filter pulls out 96% of harmful contaminants, including asbestos, chlorine, chloramines, lead, and mercury, while keeping healthy minerals like magnesium and potassium, giving you healthy and tasty water. 

It has been designed very smartly and not only gives you convenience but adds value to your purchase. The filtration rate is pretty impressive, and the filtration capacity is truly unmatched. While we are aware that it is a pricey option, it truly gives you superior performance. 

Aquasana Clean Machine Key Features

Aquasana active clean Machine Key Features

The engineering of the machine is remarkable and projects that manufacturers put in great effort and thought. 

The features of the machine are a testament to this engineering; thus, it provides unparalleled performance. 


The machine primarily has three parts: the filtration dock, the Claryum filter, and the dispenser or pitcher with a lid. The machine dons two different colors: black and white, giving you a choice to see what fits better in your kitchen. 

Moreover, there are two available sizes: half and one gallon. The filtration system is power-activated rather than those that use gravity, making it quicker and more efficient. 

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about batteries or replacing them. Just press the button, and you’re good to go!

Water Flavor

One of the premium features of the Aquasana Active Clean Water Machine is the taste of water you get. Of course, water is tasteless, but tap water has a distinctive odor and taste because of the contaminants. 

Once you get rid of all of that, you are left with pure mineral water from the Aquasana, and you will observe a notable difference in the taste because of the right pH and mineral quantity. 

In fact, its taste is one of its biggest selling points, and many users have lauded this feature. 

Moreover, you can use this water for tea, coffee, and cooking as well. You will notice that your beverages taste more authentic and will have peace of mind knowing your food has been cooked in fresh, clean water. 

Ease of Use

Setting up the machine is extremely easy and takes hardly five minutes, even by someone using it for the first time. You just need to fill the machine up with water. 

Then, with the click of a button, the powered ultra-dense Claryum filtration unit will be activated and give you clean, pure, fresh, and tasty water in a matter of a few seconds. 

Product Specifications

The supreme performance of the Aquasana Active Clean Machine is possible due to its outstanding specifications. When you invest in the Aquasana Active Clean Water Machine, here’s what you can expect:

Powered Active Filtration

Most filtration systems rely on gravity to let the water trickle down towards the filtration granule. 

However, Aquasana uses a powered filtration unit, which means that water is forced speedily via the ultra-dense smart filter block that gives you clean and tasty water. This reduces the waiting time dramatically. 

Moreover, you don’t even need to worry about batteries as the system doesn’t require any, but you need to plug it into a power supply. However, if you are looking for a portable unit, then you should check out the Apec RO Portable Countertop System

Claryum Smart Filter

This is one of the most significant features of the Aquasana Active Clean Machine as it gets rid of 10 times more contaminants than any other leading pitcher on the market. On top of that, it retains the good minerals in the water, so you get the goodness of fresh and pure mineral water. 

The activated carbon helps to reduce pesticides, herbicides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), MTBE, and pharmaceuticals. The catalytic carbon also targets chlorine and chloramines, while the ion exchange technology filters out heavy metals, including mercury and lead. 

Lastly, tap water usually has dangerously high amounts of asbestos or cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium that are resistant to chlorine. However, the Absolute Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration unit takes care of all of that as well. 

aquasana active review

Filter Capacity

Another great feature of this filter is that you don’t need to replace it often, giving you convenience and value. One Claryum filter from Aquasana has eight times the capacity of the best gravity pitchers, giving you only 9.4¢ for every gallon. You can expect your filter to run for at least three months or 320 gallons of water, depending upon the frequency of your usage. 

NSF Certification

This really is the gold standard for public health protection certifications. They carry out rigorous testing to check products for any malfunctioning, design error, material analyses, and even unannounced plant inspections before granting a product certification. 

The Aquasana Active Clean Machine, for all its four systems, is NSF Certified to standards 42, 53, and 401 +P473 and BPA-free. Thus, rest assured that any contaminants will not find their way back. 

Flow Rate

As mentioned above, the filter uses power to pull water towards it to start the filtration process. Thus, it drastically reduces the time taken. Hence, the flow rate is an astonishing half-gallon per minute (GPM). 


Setting up the machine is super easy and can be done by anyone. Just unbox the items and remove all wrapping from them. Glide the top of the lid off in a counterclockwise motion, insert the filter in the vertical cylindrical opening with the flat side down, and place the top back on. Then just plug the machine into a stable power supply. 


For the pitcher unit, fill the internal cavity of your pitcher up with tap water. After that, just make sure that you put the pitcher in place on the base, and it’s properly set there so that you don’t run into any leaks. 

Once the pitcher is docked properly, the filtration process will start automatically, and you will see the outer chamber fill up with filtered water. Wait for the blue light at the bottom to turn off. Make sure to discard the first pitcher of water. 


If you have bought the one-gallon dispenser system, just fill your pitcher up with water, and with the press of a button, filtered water will come pouring out of the spout. Discard the first pitcher of water to flush the filter. 

If you want a visual representation of the instructions explained above, check out this video.

Maintenance and Care

The machine doesn’t require any excessive maintenance; you just need to be apt in changing the filters in a timely fashion. If the indicator light at the bottom is blue, that means your system and filter are working perfectly. It will start to blink red when the filter is at its 90% capacity and will turn full red when it reaches its maximum capacity. Make sure to monitor this to replace your filters timely.

A noteworthy aspect here is that the light works on the basis of time. This means that there is no meter or measuring unit in the system that will assess how much water has been consumed. Therefore, if you are using the same filter for three months, then the light will become red, regardless of your water consumption.   

Hence, if you have a family of two or live alone and are certain that your water consumption in three months has been far less than 320 gallons, then you don’t need to change the filter when the light turns red. Just reset it with the reset button, and you can get another three months before the light turns red again. However, never exceed six months, and definitely change your filter the second time.  

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Pros and Cons of the Aquasana Active Clean Machine

Now that you know the product’s specifications, it’s time to decide if you should really invest in this machine. To help make things clearer, we’ve listed the pros and cons of the Aquasana Active Clean Machine below:



Where to Buy the Aquasana Active Clean Machine

If you’ve finally decided to buy the Aquasana machine, you can order one here. If you’re not really satisfied with this unit, you can also consider purchasing the Aquasana AQ 4000

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